Is it possible.. to change opacity other layer (not working) to my require

when i working on F-Cu-Layer :
–>opacity of F.Cu = 100% but opacity of bottom and other as my require = 40%-50%

when i switch to B-Cu-Layer :
–>opacity of B.Cu = 100% but opacity of F.Cu=40%-50%

what file or script are manage opacity of layer
and if i want to create script… how do i learn for this
now i can create C-language

thank you :slight_smile:

In the current KiCad V5.1.8 you can change layer colors and opacity by double clicking on the small colored rectangle before the layer name in the Layer manager.

In KiCad V5.99, (going to be V6) there are more options such as separate opacity for tracks and zones and presets that can be saved and loaded from a file.

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@triffid_hunter patched his KiCAD to conform more to his taste, maybe it is similar to what you are looking for ?

Have you try the highlight mode ?


Also as Paul commented earlier, you can change the transparency of your layer by double clicking on the layer manager.

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