..Is graphically connected to bus ... but not a member of that bus (6.0.1)

Very inconsistent issue where ERC is flagging a warning of: [net_not_bus_member]: Net /Hierarchical Interconnects/IVUInterface+EASwitch/IVU_PWR_BUTTON_GND is graphically connected to bus /Hierarchical Interconnects/{IVU_IF_CONTROL} but is not a member of that bus
; Severity: warning
@(26.67 mm, 85.09 mm): Bus to Wire Entry
@(26.67 mm, 82.55 mm): Vertical Bus, length 2.54 mm

Here is a snapshot of the this one net (IVU_PWR_BUTTON_GND) as an example .

The net (IVU_PWR_BUTTON_GND) originates from bus {IVU_IF_CONTROL} whose members are:

Clearly showing that the alias (IVU_PWR_BUTTON_GND) originates from this bus.

I double checked and then cut/paste the BUS name to ensure I didn’t do something to mangle the name.

I always used the [unfold bus] method to create the signal from the bus {IVU_IF_CONTROL} and attached to the pin on the connector as shown.

I did the same [unfold bus] method to connect the bus net alias (IVU_PWR_BUTTON_GND) shown in this screen shot, where there is no warning or issue.

Just to see what would happen, I added the (IVU_PWR_BUTTON_GND) signal to an unused pin on the connector to ensure I didn’t have some weird character in the Alias name. As you can see now, the original warning for the signal that went to pin 14, went away and has NOW moved to the new pin 12…

Very weird.
Looking for some suggestion on what this could be and what I am doing wrong. This all seems very simple and intuitive but there must be something simple I am missing


I’m mostly guessing here…
I see a light blue haze aournd only a part of the bus in your first screenshot.


This suggests that only that part of the bus is selected.
A possible cause is that you drew two buses over each other, and these buses have different members.

I didn’t mention it in the post, but I re-drew the bus described in this post. I saw the same thing as you did, so that is why I re-drew the bus. What is different, from V5.x.y to v6.0.1 is the bus is broken into segments now in between every net break off of said bus. This is even on net break outs from a bus that has no issues with ERC warnings.

And, that doesn’t explain why the 1st instance of the net started passing ERC when I added a another net with the same name farther up that vertical bus line…

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