Is donating still possible? What about perks?


After bad experience with SnapEDA, they offered me a refund for my new premium subscription. (too many bugs, plus low quality footprints)

That’s worth $99, and I’d like to donate that to KiCad. Is that still possible? I see that the donation campaign is not active anymore.

Also, a sugestion: As a perk for a donation, offer adding a custom symbol/footprint to the library.


Donations are always possible through cern. (big button on the kicad website top right corner) The perk you get there is that you will be listed as a donor if you choose to allow them to publish your name. Fair warning: This site is quite slow to load. (At least it is for me. That is why i do not yet have a direct link for you)

There is also the contextual electronics shop where you can buy merch and support kicad that way.


Thanks, that did the trick!

As for perks, symbols or footprints are much more appealing to me than merch, but I understand that creating those takes away time from developers.