Is any one having issue with Filter Selection feature?


My version: (6.0.0-rc1-dev-1455-g4b7ef22ec), release build
On Windows 7, 64bit

I found it is very hard to access to Filter Selection. I have to do a group selection of things before I can find a menu from the popup menu ( “Left Mouse Click” ). It don’t seem to be very intuitive for me.


If you can think of a more intuitive way then suggest it over at the bug tracker. I just hope it will not be as annoying as it was in the legacy canvas where this dialog came up every time.

Maybe a shortcut is the way to go? (In addition to the right click context menu option.)


I have no idea what is the good way yet. Also, I just found out, the filter not event work on 5.0.2 or 6.0.0-rc1-dev-1455-g4b7ef22ec. So I’m not sure what to report yet. It is annoying ins 4.0.7 but at least it work when I needed it.


I think I can narrow down to the point I can make a report:


In my experience, the typical way the selection filter works is by checking off the items you want to select before you actually do the selection. This is done with a selection menu either in a docked window or by simply right clicking on empty space in the layout. I find the way Kicad does it requires lots of clicking through menus and is generally awkward since it works by deselecting.


Well, I’m were wrong. They are work fine. I got it wrong because the work flow had been changes to some what hidden to the user.


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