Irregular selection

How to create an irregular selection, i.e. an arbitrary shape instead of a rectangle? This is very useful when you have to select a portion of a board with a lot of components but a rectangle does not fit well.

There is no way in KiCad to draw some irregular line around some area to make a selection. There are only single clicks and rectangles.

If you hold [Shift] while dragging your rectangles, then stuff gets added to your selection, so you can get multiple small rectangles.

While holding [Shift] you can single click items to toggle them into and out of the selection.

When you draw a box from left to right, then only stuff completely surrounded by the box gets selected, and when you draw a box from right to left items that cross the box boundaries also get selected.


Got it. Thanks. I was used with EAGLE and it was very handy. Now I need to use this “multiple rectangles” approach.

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