IO_Error: Multiple components have identical reference IDs of G***

I’ve been trying to export a .DSN file from pcbNew, and keep getting the error message above. No parts are ID’d under “G.”

In Cvpcb, there are no parts that are ID’d as “G***”. Perhaps this has something to do with GND connections? That would be my only guess.
I’m stumped. I’m wondering if this is a software issue with KiCAD, or if I’ve missed something.

I appreciate the help.

Here is my component list in Cvpcb. As you can see, there are no references to anything ID’d as “G”

Ha! I’ve found the solution. The problem is that I had multiple “logos” on my silk screen layer. These logos are technically components, but they do not show up in Cvpcb. The solution was to find their ID (labeled as G***) physically on my PCB and manually edit their ID’s to G1, G2, G3… etc.

Hope this helps someone else with this odd issue.

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In addition to logos (company logos, the ROHS logo, open-source hardware logo, ESD logo, etc), mounting holes get the “G” designator if they are added as a footprint.

This situation has never caused a problem, or generated a DRC squawk, for me . . . but I have never tried to use the autorouter.


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