IO_ERROR "can't find segment with ..." Pcbnew V4.02

I’m routing a PCB and this PCB is composed of 2 boards, the main one and a panel with leds, switches…

The thing is that during a while it behave well, I mean when I open 3D view I’ve no error and boards were separated (in the viewer)
But after moving a portion of the outline I get error when I open the 3D viewer: a log message warned that it can’t calculate the the CI edge and ask to check a segment and gave a cartessian point to check. But I check one point and after I get another error. I finally decide to redraw every segment but I still get error.

If someone have an idea?


non overlapping endpoints…

Check each segment start/end coordinates for position. If not exactly the same (~0.01mm error is allowed I think), 3D viewer will complain.

Also, your mousebites will be milled away if the yellow lines are the edge.cut lines…
It needs to look like this:

I suggest drawing those edge.cuts lines on a 1.0 mm grid for good results - or until you know what you’re doing.


Hi Joan,
Ok, I’ll try that.

The 3D viewer complains, but works with a rectangular board I have with two V score lines across it to make 3 boards.
This board is a far more complex case.

hello chris1

Can you send the information to me?
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thank you.

Hi Joan,

I just did as you suggest and it works fine.
I re-check every overlapping segments to be sure the ending point was the same.