Invert 'insert' direction

When you place, say, a label or a pin you can press insert to add another one below. If the label ends with a number, it adds the next one automatically - great!

Usually I have all my MCUs with the first pin of each port at bottom. So starting from the top I have: 15, 14, 13, etc…

Is there a way to tell Kicad (example pressing shift+insert) to place the next label or pin above the current one?

Eeschema / Preferences / Preferences / Eeschema / Vertical pitch of repeated items: …

However, I prefer another and more flexible way.

  1. Insert a column of labels in an empty area.
  2. Draw a box around as many labels as you need.
  3. [Ctrl +C] and [Ctrl +V] to copy them.
  4. R (Rotate), X (Mirror in X-axis), Y (Mirror in Y-axis) to adjust orientation.
  5. Move mouse cursor and place the row of labels at their destination.

Note: If the labels are connected to a “Bus”, you can also add the wires in step 1a and then copy, rotate, move them together with the labels itself.
Practice a bit with this, using such bulk operations to multiply stuff help you draw schematics quicker.

A few years ago I did an experiment with using copy as much as possible to do a quick “bogus” KiCad project.


Thanks, I didn’t think about mirroring!

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