Invalid Package_TO_SOT_THT.pretty

I would like to know where should I report a probable invalid footprint library. Am I in the right section ?

After 2 different download from github, the “Package_TO_SOT_THT.pretty” is flagged as “invalid” by kicad and is not added to the module’s table

it could also be a Pebcak problem, but I have some doubts


What version of kicad do you use? From what repo did you get this footprint?

I suspect you downloaded the version 5 libs and want to use them in version 4. The version 5 libs use stuff not supported by version 4.

There is a script capable of removing offending footprint such that you could at least use the rest of them. See this FAQ post

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That’s exactly the case
And your python script was the solution.
I am unforgivable: I read this “shape incompatibility” problem quite a long time ago and forgot it.

Now things are working smoothly. Tnks René

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