Invalid Package_TO_SOT_THT.pretty


I would like to know where should I report a probable invalid footprint library. Am I in the right section ?

After 2 different download from github, the “Package_TO_SOT_THT.pretty” is flagged as “invalid” by kicad and is not added to the module’s table

it could also be a Pebcak problem, but I have some doubts



What version of kicad do you use? From what repo did you get this footprint?

I suspect you downloaded the version 5 libs and want to use them in version 4. The version 5 libs use stuff not supported by version 4.

There is a script capable of removing offending footprint such that you could at least use the rest of them. See this FAQ post


That’s exactly the case
And your python script was the solution.
I am unforgivable: I read this “shape incompatibility” problem quite a long time ago and forgot it.

Now things are working smoothly. Tnks René


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