Internal edge cut issue

Dear all,

I have issue with an internal edge cut, it was working fine until i had changed the internal shape. I checked if all lines are closed and it is the case.
Do you have any idea or solution?

Thanks a lot

Do you mean that it doesn’t render properly in 3D view?
KiCad version?
There have been changes recently in KiCad display of NPTH holes, that might affect this

Hi !

I use the 4.0.7 version,
I mean that it’s not considered as a hole and you see in 3D view and also in 2D the copper (in red).
And when i export the gerber the edge cut goes wrong
Take a look at this image…

and here a test with a thin shape, it works fine

Why do you have that small copper pad inside the edge cut? Do you have a similar small pad inside the other test edge cut that works?

I’m guessing this is a zone fill showing up? In the smaller shape the clearance tolerances probably keep it from forming. If this is the case an ugly hack would be to do a keep out in that area. That at least would fix it cosmetically. On the gerber, even if it showed, it won’t matter because the cutout area will remove all material regardless.

Some fabs will complain if you have too many cuts going through copper for routes and generally like planes pulled back.
But he may be fine

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Have you hit ‘b’ or ‘refill’ on this zone? Since the fill seems to have clearance on both sides of the edge cut I’m curious as to how it is filling since it would be a disconnected island.

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