Interactive router "Shove" & PCB edges: usability issues

Today it was another case where Interactive routing in “Shove” mode messes my layout.
The problem is, some optimization(?) causes to move the segments far out of “working” area, completely outside viewing window.
When adding the fact that the “Shove” mode happily ignores PCB edges/routed slots, is a recipe for disaster. My manually routed tracks are moved uncomfortably close to the PCB edges (manual routing provided more spacing, yet DRC compliant), other track went directly into a slot.
If these moves are done far away from the place I’m currently working, there’s a huge risk that it will be left unnoticed.
From my point of view, when moving the tracks, the interactive routing should be performed to the least extent necessary, and track moves should be performed only if needed.
Another idea would be to highlight the automatically moved segments, so they could be easily spotted when reviewing a project (so I do a clean-up in one area, then zoom out and look for a general outcome).
Anyone had similar experience, or I’m alone with my findings?

Below is the “Before and after” screenshot, which illustrates what strange things happen if I push the track (indicated by “Push here” arrow, in a direction of the arrow) - tracks located many corners away are moved without clear reason.

I guess you’re using 4.0.7. Nigtlies (and 5.0) respect board edges and keepout zones. Optimizer will be improved in future releases to not change items that are not visible on the screen.



What version are you using ?
I tried this in a V5 rc, and it appears

  • A keepout zone works fine with shove. Shove hugs keepout edge with clearance
    You do have a keepout on that slot, right ?
  • Shove respects the edge cuts, and stays what looks like std clearance inside PCB edge.

Of course that does not fix the unwanted shove aspect, but if you make the design shove compliant, that matters less.

You can also lock any trace segment, but that’s a fairly large/blunt tool, I prefer to avoid except for rare cases.
(Sometimes I want fill to pour a certain way, and lock segments to give widest channel, near the end of a design)

Tom, PCB_Wiz: Thank you for your input.

Indeed I’m on a 4.0.7 now. Seems that V5 brings some goodies.
Good to know that the Optimizer module will be improved in the future.
I did not defined the “keepout zones” inside my routed slots, maybe that will solve the issue on 4.0.7. Regarding “edge cuts”, as Tom wrote, it’s the feature of V5 so that makes the difference.
Where can I find the option to lock a segment? Right clicking segment, and “E” shortcuts do not give me “lock” option (again, feature maybe V5 specific).

All of the above is in the v5 nightlies (except the optimizer)


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