Interactive router not working at all


Can any one say what is needed to have that interactive router working? What to check, get sure is on/off etc? It was working fine before. I’m working on some board, almost ready to produce, but I want to route some tracks manually that external autorouter didn’t make well. All options for interactive router are greyed out. I changed langauge to english, options showed up but are not working, nor any interactive routing. Then on english language they were also greyed out at some point. I have the same issue if I start a new project, that routing doesn’t work neither. So I’ve uninstalled the whole Kicad, downloaded the latest stable version, deleted Kicad main registry branch, reinstalled, still it doesn’t work. What the heck?

Please check if you did not switched the canvas to “Legacy” (assited router tools are only available in the OpenGL accelerated mode).
Also, which version/OS are you using?


Thank you very much, it has helped !! I use win 10, and 5.1.10 version

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