Interactive Html Bom Plugin for KiCad 5.0


Thank you for version 2. I’ve been designing circuits for over 40 years and using various CAD tools for 33 years and this is one of the few utilities that has made me go “Wow, that’s brilliant!” The addition of the extra fields for manufacturers’ part numbers is the icing on the cake that makes this truly useful in the design, purchasing and production flow. Thank you for your dedication and generosity in developing and sharing this.
Just one thing, I now have two iBOM buttons; does anyone know how to lose the redundant one? (KiCad V5.0.0.0)


Check if you have 2 plugins installed (placed at the KiCad’s folders) and check Preferences>>Preferences…>>Pcbnew>>Action Plugins in the Pcbnew software.


Glad you find it useful.

That’s weird, are you sure you don’t have the plugin in 2 different directories?

That is only available in nightlies, not 5.0.0.


Ah, my fault then. Being a conservative type, I just renamed the folder of the older version thinking that would make it inaccessible. Deleting the old folder fixed it. Thanks. Should have thought of that myself really.:blush:


Yup, the way KiCad plugin system works is it picks up anything in some predetermined set of directories that declares itself as a plugin. There is no deduplication or additional processing of any kind.


I love this. Thanks very much.


Some of the silk prints have been offset.


Hm, that’s interesting. Can you send me the board? Feel free to delete everything (tracks, components) except those silkscreen markers and board outline.

Also curious why mounting holes don’t render. Are you on KiCad 5?


TFPG.rar (643.3 KB)
This is project.used kicad v5.0.2.1
the mounting holes are VIAS+MASK.not footprint,So it doesn’t show.
I am a Chinese, using translation software, some words are not accurate.


Thanks for the bugreport, I can reproduce this, which helps a lot. I’ll investigate why this happens.

Aaaand… I figured it out. For “5” and “8” markers there is an empty new line at the end of text. If you edit that text and select all you will see it. For some reason KiCad ignores empty line in the end, my plugin doesn’t. I’ll fix that.

Update: fix pushed to github.


I’m about to hand-assemble a PCB, and so I’m very interested in this helpful plugin. However I can’t get it to work from Linux command line (on an OpenSUSE Tubleweed box). Sorry, I’m a complete python noob…

Here’s what I get using the V2.0 release of the plugin:

<my prompt> python2 ./bin/InteractiveHtmlBom/ --show-dialog
/usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/wx-3.0-gtk2/wx/ UserWarning: wxPython/wxWidgets release number mismatch
warnings.warn(“wxPython/wxWidgets release number mismatch”)
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “./bin/InteractiveHtmlBom/”, line 12, in <module>
import dialog
ImportError: No module named dialog

Is this a problem with my OS’ wxWidgets installation? It appears my wxWidgets packages are version 3.0.4, while a package called python-wxWidgets-3_0 is on version 3.0.2?


No, judging by the error python can not find dialog module that is part of my plugin. Can you verify that dialog folder is next to and that dialog has in it?
When you install the plugin you need to unpack the whole directory and keep it together when you move it around.


Indeed, my silly mistake… I didn’t recreate the folder structure when decompressing, so all files were in the same directory. The plugin worked straight away after I fixed that, even from within kicad 5.0.1…
Thanks for this excellent tool, and the quick support!


You are welcome

That’s what you get for great description of your issue. You included error message, versions of your platform, packages, kicad. I wish everyone did that.