Interactive Html Bom Outline issue

Dear Kicad forum,

I have the following Issue with the Html bom outline. I need to use this tool to bring it to the assembly house.

I already posted the solution to the issue tracker, however it might take time to get an answer…
Maybe some users can help?


Submitting a bug report on @qu1ck’s github repository for the plugin should be enough. A quick glance at your bug report I see that you are running 5.99 which is the pre-alpha for 6.0 (the version info would also be nice here). There may have been some changes to the Python API for v6 that might break all/most well behaving Python plugins for 5.x.

I don’t know what trigger qu1ck will use to gate starting to update his plugin(s), though it looks like he is working on them already. I see a commit on Oct 9 (just over 1 month ago) for nightly compatibility fixes.

From qu1ck’s FAQ:

Q. I am using KiCad nightly build and plugin doesn’t work

First of all make sure you are using latest version of plugin from master branch, not a release version. KiCad nightly changes fast enough that it doesn’t make sense to issue a release for each small update that breaks the plugin. But I do make compatibility fixes as fast as I notice problems with the nightly so chances are your issue is already fixed. If you are on latest revision and it still doesn’t work, file an issue.

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@der.ule @qu1ck I already used the newest version of the interactive html bom tool. See the issue.