INTERACTIVE HTML Bom - blacklist virtual components in 5.99

The Greatest Interactive HTML Bom plugin have an option to “Blacklist virtual components”.
KICAD 5.99 does not support component type “Virtual” anymore. Instead, there’s SMD, TH and Other.
Is there a way to set some footprint attribute for the IBOM to ignore this specific component?

Symbols have “Exclude from BOM” for this purpose. @qu1ck can tell about iBOM.

The property is also propagated to layout.

Yep, Ibom is relying on that property instead of “virtual” components for nightly.


Well… my iBOM install from 2-3weeks ago happily ignored the “Exclude from BOM” attribute, and the latest install does not list any components, just empty list and only top view (despite FB mode selected).

You have to go through “update pcb from schematic” process after you change schematic symbol properties to propagate them to pcb. Then ibom will pick it up.

This sounds like javascript error. First make sure that you did a clean update (remove old ibom files before writing new ones) and fully restart kicad. If your issue persists then open your web browser developer tools (f12 on chrome) and see if there are any errors reported in the console.

Restarting Kicad helped, I do get my compoents in latest version of iBOM.

I have updated the PCB from schematic, and the “Exclude from BOM” PCB fields are checked after update. However, these items still appear listed in the iBOM.

Thanks for the report, looks like more things were renamed in nightly. I fixed it, update your plugin.


Thanks, now it works as expected.
That was Quick, indeed :slight_smile: [I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist]

An old one. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oldies but goldies :wink:

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