Intel Win7 machine and AMD Linux/Ubuntu/Mate Machine USB Stick SneakerNet?

The topic title is a little bit cryptic, but it can not be helped.

I just replaced my printer/scanner with an HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e. …What does this have to do with anything??? There is a chance that some forum members will feel my pain.

As the title states, I have two machines, that are pretty much different in every way; hardware and software. At the moment I can find no solution to use the scanner functions on the new HP printer/scanner with the AMD Ubuntu/Mate machine. The HP printer/scanner works decent on the Intel Win7 machine; and I need this functionality.

Using FreeFileSync I have tried to copy KiCad files onto a USB thumb drive and attempt to work off that drive on both systems; but failed due to errors. The errors seem to be mostly related to directory paths; but it is not obvious which systems directory path should be the default/standard.

I am running Win7 in VirtualBox on my AMD Ubutu/Mate machine. I know I can map the USB thumb drive into that virtual machine, but have not tried to work with those files between the AMD Win7 virtual machine and the actual Intel hardware Win7 machine.

If anyone has some guidance so I can save some time trying to figure it all out for myself, I’ll appreciate any feedback given here.

But in my case it was an Epson ET-3700 on Mint… took a week…Oh, woe was I !!

Sorry, can’t help, however, you have my sincerest condolences.

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So you need Win7 only because of the HP printer scanner?

Could you run a Win7 VM on Linux only for the scanner, and have that Win7 OS mount a Samba share exported from Linux to receive the scanned files? You can also get Linux to print to the Win7 printer. Then you can do all your KiCad work on Linux.

Edit: BTW there is no relevance in Intel vs AMD. They both run the same Linux/Windows OSes.

I see the 1910 and 1920 are supported. Hopefully HP will bring the drivers up to speed. I always check support anymore before buying. Seems like the HP driver is one huge roll up for Linux support. Have you tried it?

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Well, I have tried a version of HPLIP before my Ubuntu/Mate system crashed like an unrecoverable Win Blue Screen.

Used the exact same USB stick to LiveBoot, with fresh internet data on the plan, and, well… things are different, and seem better. I have not HPLIP with this Ubuntu/Mate install.

No possible driver issues?

AMD Ubuntu/Mate machine is a 3400G APU.

The OS vendor takes care of compatibility and driver vendors are conservative and will not use features that are not common to all members of a CPU family. You’ll probably find that the x32 drivers will still work on Pentiums.

Have you tried some other brands / models of USB sticks? Every now and then manufacturers of them make some error and they don’t work properly or are just worn out. These thigs are so cheap now it’s not worth giving them much thought.

Or maybe something that runs FreeNAS such as:

About scanning… Years ago I bought a canon flatbed scanner in a garage sale for EUR3 or similar and about once a year I plug it in my Linux box and it just works.

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