Integration with ERP Odoo (Lib Management)


I work with this opensource ERP named Odoo and I am very interest in integrate with Kicad.

To me it is very easy to create the data model inside the ERP, but I have no clue on how to tell to Kicad that he must search for components inside the database or even trough some RPC call to the Odoo.

Can someone point me to any related work, bye the way, Odoo is developed in python, so maybe this make things less harder! :slight_smile:

I will appreciate any help!

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KiCad doesn’t really have any API for communicating with external software, all the data is accessed via text files. There is a github plugin for footprints, but really all that does is pull text files off github which are then accessed locally.

There are some Python bindings for the layout editor (pcbnew), but I don’t think that gives any access to libraries (I am sure someone will chime in if there is).

There are several third party tools that work with KiCad data files, but there is not any integration as such.


Thank you for the quick answer!

Unfortunately I don’t know anything about C++, otherwise I would glade to help with the develop of the API!

Do you know if there is any plan for something in this area?

As far as KiCad has any plans, there are some roadmaps at CERN also have a TODO list, as they have in-house developers. I don’t see any references to externals tools like ERP.

Is there a description anywhere of what sort of API features Odoo would use?

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My idea was to populate all info from a component, like Datasheet, vendor code, MPM and if possible the ASCII information and save inside the PostgreSQL database, where Odoo can link with other information, like last price pay for that component, from who we buy and even how many are in the local stock, so the workflow for buy new units can start.

I want to integrate Kicad so when one project is approved to prototype or production the ERP can start the MRP workflow.

So will be a module in Odoo that processes the information provide from Kicad, also Odoo will provide the Private Part Number of each component to Kicad.

We will be able to integrate all the BOM, Price List and the Kicad libraries files my have only the components really used in the project, all others devices will remain inside the database.

As Odoo is very modular and very light to run, even solo users may beneficies from install both in the same machine!

On this scenario all the integrations can be performance in the ERP side, making the develop of Kicad independence from to much external variations.

I was thinking to use OdooRPC API for read and write the information store inside Odoo.

Another thing sorry for any english mistake or misunderstood!

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This sounds very interesting to me!
br Markus

Its really worth . Really proved interesting, Absolute perfect

Its goin to work absolutely perfect, Impressed a lot thanks for this wonderful suggestion.

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