Integrated simulator

I’m looking at changing from LTSpice and Altium simulation packages to one that works in KiCad.

My colleague has a version of KiCAD with a simulator, available by selecting ‘Simulator’ from the Tools menu. The version on my system (4.0.7) does NOT offer this simulator choice. His version is dated 2016, but does not have a listed version number. Maybe he installed some 3rd party software, and simply does not remember??

How does one enable and launch the integrated simulator function in 4.0.7?

Thank you!

It is only in the development (aka ‘nightly’) version afaik. I think it was added sometime last summer.

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Thank you, John. I just installed the most recent nightly, and the simulator feature ‘magically’ appeared.

I’m obviously on the very early learning curve for KiCad wisdom :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t be in too much of a hurry to drop LT Spice though. It is an excellent and free package and, more significantly has a huge number of validated models - esp Linear, obviously. Generally you are only simulating part of a circuit so the overhead of transcribing is low but there are some scripts around that will translate netlists between Kicad and LT Spice (just Google Kicad LTSpice)

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Simetrix is another excellent simulator, with a large library of parts. There is a free version, limited in circuit size, that is still very useful