Instant Place Symbol


Is is possible to have place symbol button opening the symbols dialog immediately instead of having to click on the sheet for it to activate, sth like shortcut A?

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How much time are you thinking you could shave off a complete PCB desgin from start to finish with this? Maybe 2 minutes?

As an alternative, I do not add schematic symbols much from these menu’s. The vast majority are copied from symbols already in the schematic. Especially for resistors and capacitors and such. Just hover over a resistor and press c for copy.

I assume it doesn’t hurt to have this button act intuitively.

The constant need for multiple actions for placing footprints is a good example undesirable repetitive actions but, it’s difficult (for me) to complain about Free/good software. Thus, my work-around is:

• Made a PCB file with the majority of my constantly used Footprints.
• I open it in PCBnew stand-alone (not in Kicad) to enable Copy&Paste into an open project. This keeps it open in parallel with using Kicad’s GUI

Thus, I need only copy and paste between two open PCB instead of the drudgery of opening, selecting…etc.

[EDIT] an Afterthought… I made a Template with my standard parts, to the side of the PCB. Can now simply click desired footprint and Copy&Paste into PCB (or drag it…). Delete all that aren’t used when done. Thus, no need to even boot stand-alone.

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BTW, don’t look at the sum of how long it took to click on the sheet (2 min), rather look at how many times you lose concentration to remember clicking on the sheet :slight_smile: As long as you have to remember this exact action each time, then it is not intuitive, honestly…

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