Installing/updating nightlies in fc36

Since kicad-nightly build for fedora (in copr) dated 2022-08-26, 64-bit is required, but as far as I have found, there is no repository/package available for fc36 that supplies fmt of version 9, only version 8.

Apparently fc37 will have fmt version 9, but it will take a month and a half or more before it is released.

Has someone managed to install and run the latest nightlies on fc36, and if so how?

Do you really need the ready made nightly builds, or could you think about building yourself?

We should not be depending on an external libfmt – This appears to be an issue with Fedora in particular; we’ll get it fixed.

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Well, I could think of building myself - after all, back in the day I used to build my own kernels, but then between that and actually doing it comes many factors, like human laziness, convenience of just installing ready made packages, lack of time, other interests competing for time etc… :slight_smile:

Is this a quick fix or a long term goal, or somewhere in between?

Edit: It seems commit c98ad721 might be related to this.
And it seems tonights build in copr includes this commit; worth testing once the build has finished (still running as I write this).

You are correct. Commit c98ad721 is the fix, and it has finished building for F36. Note that F37 is not quite finished building, but it too should complete soon.

I was able to install kicad-nightly-6.99.0-1.20220831gitb4492e0.fc36.x86_64.rpm on my F36 system, so the fix looks good.

Installed and starts up here too. Looks good so far.

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