Installing on macOS Mojave


When trying to install 5.0.1 on macOS Mojave, I get an error attempting to drag kicad into Application Support, namely “You don’t have permission to perform this task”. I don’t believe I’ve changed permissions on that folder, so any ideas why this might be happening?


Rebooting solved the problem. [Moderator, feel free to delete this thread if you’d like.]


Generally only offensive things get ‘delisted’.


But the poor guy only wants to prevent people from discovering that he did something dumb. Or maybe, he just spoke too soon.

:wink: Sorry @mprogers, that’s not how it works. We are nearly through the second decade of the twenty-first century. It’s the digital age! You can no longer get away with supplying your co-workers with a serving of their favorite malt beverage, secure in the knowledge that your supervisor will never find out about some stupid thing you did. Instead, your shortcomings shall be displayed for generations to come. Your grandkids will probably shun you. When you are nominated to a select Presidential Commission, the Senators at your confirmation hearing will ask, “Regarding your post of 3 November 2018, please explain your activities on that date.”. And then you will find yourself searching for a new line of work, probably involving the phrase, “Would you like some fries to go with your sandwich?”.

Even more significantly you will forever be the fall-guy for everybody who installs KiCAD on macOS Mojave. When they get an error about access permissions they will dig up this moldy old thread and concentrate on that one fateful word, “Reboot”. They will exclaim, “Woe is me!” (or some other expletive). “Can you believe this @mprogers guy actually did that? I’d sure hate to be him! I’m glad I don’t even live in his neighborhood!”

And you seemed to be such a nice, capable, straightforward, guy! The sort of person I’d want my daughter to date. It only goes to show, “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover.”. :cry:


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