Installation question

Just starting out with KiCad. During the installation, there is an option to install help files in different languages. I am unable to select any of the help options. Is this by design?
Is an English help PDF file downloadable directly?
Hardware is i5 laptop with 8Gb ram and 1Tb HD, running Win 10 64 bit at latest patch level.

What exact file did you download to install KiCad?

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kicad-6.0.11-x86_64.exe with a file size of 1,104,526 KB
A quick look inside the EXE with 7-Zip did not show any folders with Help in the name, so I’m wondering if this download was missing the help files but the installer was unable to handle this cleanly.
Let me know if there is a more complete download.

I did verify and download a few of the PDF’s and it works. I also tried to change the language but no matter what language I choose, I always get a 404 error, and I’ll think I’ll create an issue for that.

Just created:

I deleted the unfortunate digression. The original poster is free to form the question differently if they want to.

KiCad 7.0 download still does not allow selection of language help files during installation. Yes, I know the files can be downloaded separately but why include the checkboxes in the installation EXE if help files are not included in the installer?

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