Input Power pin not driven by any output power pins

Hello all,
Newbie here. Why is ERC complaining about my schematic? Both the power inputs (BAT and VC5X) are connected to the Power input pad “Pack +”. Yet it says that I am not driving them?
ERC gave the same error for BAT and VC5X “Input Power pin not driven by any output power pins”.
For the power flag, the error is “Pins of type Power output and Power output are connected”.
Thank you for any help you can give! :slight_smile:

Pack + is connected all the way to the bottom LH corner gnd.

Maybe ERC doesn’t like dead shorts? :wink:

Thank you! That takes care of one of the errors, but the errors on BAT andVC5X still remains. :frowning:

VC5X (pin 10) seems to not be connected. There is a green square under the blue arrow surround I think. It is a bit hard to see.
Check the end of pin 15 also.

C10 polarity doesn’t look right either.

Pins 11 & 12 are NC, but they have wires attached?

EDIT: R15 is a variable resistor symbol with only two pins. Is this correct?
R12 is a rsns… what is that?
J7 is -ve. Is that with respect to Gnd? If so, check polarities of C7, C8 & C9.

Had another glance at your schematic. Without checking how the IC works, there seems to be something very wrong with everything connected together on the LHS of the schematic and there is another arrow in the middle of the IC.

Thank you very much for your help! I have fixed the issue by adding more power flags. You are correct I had shorts between my cells and now they have been removed. I guess that’s what happens when you work late, haha.

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