Input-Power drive in output power

if i have this error in my ERC, What can i do ?

Input power pin is not controlled by any output power pin.

Read once more:

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A good first try is to copy/paste the error text into a good internet search engine.
Copy and pasting “Input power pin is not controlled by any output power pin” into duckduckgo returns numerous useful results:

duckduckgo search for OP’s error message


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Maybe Kicad should custom tune an AI engine, teach it all the kicad docs, and so maybe it can provide some friendly interaction with humans…

Reading the docs can be hard work from scratch. Yes, I know, RTFM !

There are a couple of frequent cases. 1. Newbie jumps in without reading the docs, and 2. Experienced user in other ECAD suites jumps in assuming the workflow will be the same. More haste, less speed, as the saying goes.

I was fortunate to have a good video tutorial when I started so I could observe the workflow before starting any project. It was the course offered by Peter Dalmaris. It’s a paid course, but for me it was not much to pay and worth it. When looking for videos on the Internet ensure that you get one that matches the KiCad version. Same applies to tutorial pages, manufacturer instructions, and posts in forums.

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Will you please hurry up and finish what you are saying?

I remember my first experience with Kicad. It was in the 4 days. The program was much easier to navigate then: far fewer buttons to select so less likely to get into trouble.

Whenever I became really stuck with a problem, and could find absolutely no way to click myself clear, I would finally resort to RTFM. I think I even, in desperation, read some FAQs also. :grinning:

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I first read all docs and then installed KiCad to find that docs I have read were mostly about V3 while the current version was 4.0.6 (shortly 4.0.7).
But thanks to reading them I knew that to avoid some configuration problems it was better to not (at Windows) install KiCad in default “Program Files” directory.