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Initially I closed this because the user was new and it looked like they were fishing for views. @sam_moshiri has contacted me and I’ve said I’d take it to the community. Is projects that wide open or are we still centering on Kicad projects? In the past we’ve pointed people to other forums when they got this general.

EDIT: Actually, after a little more thought I’d think the fact the site owner set up another forum just for this should be the answer?

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His post llinks back to a pcbway forum which in turn is hinting to use them for pcb making.

Looks like some sneaky marketing.

The only credit would be if it was meant unintentionally in good faith, though I doubt it.

And the link you posted points to a subscription based only source. Clearly marketing.


I have deleted the topic, nothing to do with KiCad


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