Inner schematics of a component

Hi there,
I am trying to learn electronics with KiCad. I am working on a project, where I am trying to control a readily existing board with my own circuit. I would like to design this existing board in KiCad and import as a component, which means that I would like to design inner routings, a capacitor and a resistor inside this board + the pins available. Luckily the board is very simple. But I can’t figure out how to add wirings, components in the library editor. Do I need to add a separate schematic to my project?

Please feel free to correct my phrasing or vocabulary, if my message doesn’t make sense. I am a beginner without formal education in electronics.


What you want to do is common in KiCad, but you are doing it the wrong way.

You probably want to work with Hierarchical sheets:

It is a bit unclear though what you really want.
If you have an existing board (For example an ESP8266 module) which can be represented by a single physical object (Footprint) on the pcb, then you want to want to create it as a schematic symbol.

If you have some sub assembly, For example a SMPS circuit which consists of an IC, some resistors and capacitors, but you want a single schematic symbol in EEschem to represent it. Then you want to use the Hierarchical sheet stuff in EEschem.


Thanks paulvdh! That seems to be exactly what I wanted to do. My logic was, “let’s observe that board as a component”. But since I know the schematics by looking at it, I wanted to make a “detailed” component schematic, which I can also add to the library.

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