Individual track, layer swap

Is it possible to select a track and have just it move from top to bottom copper layer and visa versa?
(I know it is possible to do complete layer swaps, but this is not what I want.)

it is possible under OpenGL canvas, F11.

Select the track, right click, properties.

Thanks for your reply Pedro but I’ve not explored Open GL canvas yet (as a relative newcomer to KiCad).
From the odd bits I’ve come across that mention it, it seems to have many problems. Is that true?

I would not say there are many problems.

Most of us are used to the legacy canvas. Not all the features available in the legacy canvas have been ported to the new OpenGL canvas. This behaviour makes me to work with legacy and switch to OpenGL for the new features. In my opinion, these are most of the problems.

If you are new to Kicad, my advice is you should begin to work with OpenGL directly, legacy will be deprecated in the future. New features are added only to OpenGL.


Thanks Pedro - that works.