Indexing is OPEN for Business

If you have a plugin or script you want listed let me/us know in this thread. Suggest a category heading for your project. Do you have a current post you want linked to? If not write that post up first. It will be wiki’d so you have access past the 90 day mark.

@Rene_Poschl suggested previously things only be included by request. That seems reasonable so I won’t just start indexing some of the things I know about. I may go through some of posts and contact less frequent posters by PM at some point.

The by request was mainly meant such that nobody can be mad at us if we do not include their precious plugin in the index. (It puts the responsibility for inclusion into the hands of the contributor instead of in the hand of the admins)

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A post was split to a new topic: KiCost: WIKI Page

Please put link to my main thread about ibom in a bom section. I’m going to clean up and update the top post in a bit, I don’t want to switch to another thread because the original one is already well indexed by google.

Done. For some reason it won’t let me add the poll for users to up vote it. I don’t like the format of the poll in the other one I did so I might just drop that idea while it’s still early. The main idea behind that was to just let people actually using the thing give a little thumbs up to potential users. A little different from the concept of ‘likes’.

Thanks. Please fix the typo though :slight_smile: And I’d prefer to have it by full name “Interactive Html Bom” there.
I’m totally fine with not having a poll, it’s not even remotely accurate anyway.

I’m thinking we might need to add a few word description too on the index. Not everybody finding the thread by searching will be following the forum.

“Create a BOM and locate parts on the PCB.” ???

I think having it that short will do more harm than good. My plugin for example is not easy to describe in just one phrase. If it’s a few sentences like on xesscorp page that would be fine.

We dropped that format in the FAQ index because it was obvious early on that the index would get too long. The xesscorp blurb will probably go. Being the first and only entry at the time it seemed appropriate. This however is not my decision alone to make.

Ok, if you choose to add short descriptions I’d like “tool designed to assist with hand assembling pcbs” to be description for my plugin.

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It does seem we have ‘the power’ to turn posts into WIKI’s. This may help reopen some possibilities on older locked threads. In theory you would be able to modify the original “wiki’d” post. Probably wouldn’t reopen the thread but we may be able to change that on select threads also. Just things to take into consideration for developers considering the best way to make use of these possibilities.

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