Incremental connectivity-Is this a new thing?

I like to download the Kicad source and occasionally browse through it. This is partly because I’m trying to learn wxWidgets development and C++ in general. I came across mention of “Incremental connectivity” and an “Incremental Netlister”. Is this something new or has it been around for a while? Is it something to get excited about? Just curious. Thanks.

It is new for KiCad v8. It facilitates faster interaction with large-scale (thousands of nets) schematics. Most people will never notice the effects.

The realtime netlister, of which it is a part, was developed for KiCad v6. Most people do notice the difference between realtime netlisting an compiled-on-request netlisting. This is what enables bus unfolding, netlist hierarchy navigator and many other features.

I think incremental is improvements to existing products, services and systems. Radical is when the product, service and system is completely new as in never done before, including ideas that seems impossible. Radical creators push society forward