Incorrect silkscreen compared to footprint

I have designed a footprint for a battery holder. Unfortunately the silkscreen text of “+” and “-” is showing off centre in layout:

Symbol as it appears in footprint editor:

Please see this file for the footprint:

18650 black plastic 1 cell holder.kicad_mod (3.0 KB)

I think it is a bug with Kicad unless I’m going mad! Anyone know what is going on? Thanks.

This does not reproduce with 6.0.7.

Try to right click the footprint and select update, mark all related checkboxes and ok,
in order to update from the library. (in case you manually moved those and to check if this fixes your issue)

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Thanks a lot. Several of the check boxes were unticked (I have never changed them) and after ticking them, it all updated correctly. :smiley:

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