Inconsistent ERC errors

Hi. Working on my first project. I keep getting ERC Type 3 errors in some places but not others that appear to be exactly the same. For example:

Replacing wires over and over under the highest zoom sometimes fixes the problem but most of the times doesn’t.

Sometimes I can get rid of the error by removing the junction, running the ERC (no error) and then adding it back in and running ERC again > no error. Other times that doesn’t help.

Heretical (1.6 KB)
Heretical Preamp.sch (26.9 KB)

Is this the best way to represent +/-12V and 0V coming onto a board through single pins or is there a better way?

Best I could come up with for most of the inputs and outputs was a test point.


You need a power source for your schematic: battery, voltage regulator, tied to power ports. If you have only single pins or connector you should place special component: PWR_FLAG on +12V, -12V and GND. This component provide “fake” power source, so DRC will not complain any more.


I like to place this flag near the real power source. In the example of a connector I place it directly at the connector.
If you have a series inductance also place one at the output.


Thanks very much. Like this?

It got rid of all my errors.