Including workaround for system specific (also wxWidgets) bug inside official kicad sources?

I cannot use antialiasing inside 3D viewer on my system (probably all users, having VGAs “Intel HD Graphics 4400 / 5500”) because of a bug inside wxWidgets:

I am talking about this gitlab issue.

There is a workaround for this to brute force anti aliasing on:

I can see three solutions:

  1. wxWidgets should fix their IsDisplaySupported(), but I suspect this would take a very long time for final bug fix to be seen (wxWidgets internal fix + kicad developers upgrade wxWidgets version to latest, after wx fixes the bug);
  2. I use latest nightly by building from source (with workaround on) everyday, wasting some time in the mornings;
  3. I could try to modify kicad sources myself in such a way, that previously mentioned workaround could be turned on/off via %appdata%\kicad\5.99\kicad_advanced config file, ask for a merge request in gitlab, so this workaround will be turned on in my system, while using official nightlies.

I like point 3, it would be interesting to play with code, but:
would such system specific merge request ever be approved by developers?

Some of the developers may answer you here, but you can use the kicad-developers mailing list to reach the development team directly.


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