In which layer should the plating be applied?


I’m going to use F.Cu and B.Cu layers with tented vias in order to use with riston film. First I’m going to drill the board and activated the holes before use the riston film. Should I do the Sn plating before using the riston film?

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I don’t think many folks make their own pcbs. Is your question really about layers in kicad or the order of the manufacturing process?

Is the plating process entirely chemical or do need electrodes?

How will you expose the film and ensure registration if you drill and plate first?


By the moment I’m using electrodes for the plating.

It’s normal to drill and plating the hole in the first step, before use the film. I use the film with UV lamp or the Sun.

Plating fihish is very fine not problem to fix the film but so I spent more Sn (is a panel plating, not pattern plating).

But I don’t see how to do pattern plating with electrodes, it must be that they will use 100% chemicals for it.

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