In the help file of the Pcbnew,I don't understand all of the "Operation on blocks"


This picture is from the manual of Pcbnew of stable version 5.0.I tried to find the Block Operation dialog,but haven’t found out.Who can help me?Thank you!


The manual may have not been updated in that section. In my v5 (windows) after I drag select a block, I need to right click and then I can find this directory tree:

Then selecting “Filter selection…” I get this window:

That looks similar to what you are trying to find. And I think “Filter selection” is more descriptive of what the operation is doing.


The original picture is from the legacy canvas. There this selection filter comes up after every block selection. In the modern toolsets it is as described by @SembazuruCDE

I am sure the devs have their reasons for this. I personally mostly want to select everything if a do a block select so i kind of agree with the devs decision that it is better to have the filter as a separate action for when you need it.


lol. I haven’t switched to the legacy canvas since… I don’t remember when. I didn’t even think to look there.


Thanks for the kind men in the forum!Yes,I find the way of what I want by the guidance of the replies in v5 and the nightly v6. I need some time to be familiar with Kicad. I appreciate you to spend time to answer my low class questions,and felt a little sorry. So,thank all of you again!