In schematics symbols show like Question mark

1.I have a query that right now i am using kicad5.1.10 and i made all schematics in that but once kicad6.0 will come and at that time when i will open my schematics which i made in 5.1.10, my all symbol become like question mark.
because in previous version I faced this issue.
2.In kicad 5.1.10 BGA fanout option is available?

From :

There are a few things to be aware of when switching between the 5.1 and development branches:

  • Please allow all library symbol rescuing and remapping to complete to ensure that the library symbols will be saved to the schematic files. If either of these steps are aborted, saving the schematic will certainly result in broken symbol links which will require manual intervention to resolve.

we have any video to understand it clearly because i am not getting more clearly.

Just to verify I understand you correctly:

Your original projects were made in KiCad V5.
If you opening a schematic in V5.1.x it lookscorrect.
If you open the same project in V5.99 (There is no V6 yet) you see the dreaded [??] schematic symbols.

In KiCad V5.1.x and older the graphic representation of a schematic symbol is not saved in the schematic itself. The schematic only has a link to some library for the graphics of that symbol. If KiCad can not read the graphics of a schematic symbol, then it shows the [ ?? ]. This looks alarming, but the schematic itself is not broken. There only is some problem with the libraries.

In KiCad-nightly V5.99 this has changed. The graphics of a symbol are now saved in the schematic itself, and it should never show the [ ?? ] symbols.

There are some entries in the FAQ about library management.

I’m not aware of video tutorials for this.

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