In Schematic Editor I am missing tools from the right toolbar in Vers 6.0.1

On the Schematic Editor, I seem to be missing the line, text and graphics tool buttons.

I am following “KiCad 6 Like A Pro - Fundamentals and Projects” by Peter Dalmaris. The new and revised edition 2022.

They appear on Mr Dalmarises illustration on page 104, Figure 3.11.2: The line, text and graphics tool button.

I am running Windows 10 on a laptop. I don’t see anyone else on your forum reporting this. These tools are available from “Place” on the top menu.

I don’t see any option to hide the right hand toolbar in my 6.0.9
6.0.1 is a very early release of “Stable” and there have been hundreds of bug fixes since, please upgrade to 6.0.9

Thank you davidsrsb. I will update with 6.0.9 first thing and see how it works.

I am brand new to Kicad and have really been impressed with it so far. I can work around this problem but I was concerned I may have something wrong with my installation.
Thanks again. Bill_D

If the problem persists, please attach a screenshot.

Using 6.0.9 should be exactly the same as 6.0.1, just without many bugs

Thanks to all of you for assistance. I have upgraded to ver 6.0.9. It is working fine and is stable. However, I have no change in the missing line, text and graphics tool button when I am in the PCB editor view. When I am in the the Schematic Editor view I do show the line, text and graphics tool button. This is true in both ver 6.0.1 and 6.0.9. It is not a problem since I can get the text and graphics tool from top menu dropdown. Mainly, I was worried about having a serious problem in my setup. I was going to send a picture but must not understand how to cut and paste a graphic file. When I try, I only see a file name pasted to this message. The same thing when I upload. I will continue onto getting my schematic design routed for the first time before getting very concerned over this issue. I am all thumbs at this point and need to complete a few jobs all the way through Kicad first.

Hi @Bill_D After you pasted did you look to the RHS of this blue box you typed into.

Make a screen grab, drag the file into the box in which you are typing, then watch the result on the right.
When you post, the file name will appear briefly, then the screen grab picture will take its place.

You are using Win 10 so there should be a built-in screen grab in the OS.

Hi again @Bill_D

This is a screen grab of what 6.0.9 should look like, but yours should not have the two icons in the red box in the top right corner. Please comment if yours differs.