In PcbNew ... with a different nightly... Extending Traces?

There you have it, changing nightly builds changes how things work.

In my most used very OLD KiCad nightly, I was able to left click and hold on the “end” of an unfinished trace and extend the trace to a nearby target; Pad or Via.

Can’t seem to do that with this newer version. Is there a setting that I am missing?

Do you know the posting date, or Build ID’s, of the two Nightlies you are referring to?


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The very old one (I downloaded on 12DEC16): kicad-r7409.d365dc5-x86_64.exe

The 09SEP17 one: kicad-r8480.19ad350c1-x86_64.exe

@dchisholm Curious, as in what way does knowing the build help answer the question?

Every information can help. Especially the developers might be interested in that because if they know the versions they have it easier what patch is involved.
If you only want to complain the version is irrelevant. If you want to help it is very important. Even better would be if you try to reduce it to one release. (This would mean download all versions between the two differing versions and find which one is the oldest that differs. This would reduce it to a limited set of commits that is responsible for the differing behavior.)

I sure hope it did not seem as if I were complaining. I’m still not sure that it’s not my fault for not having a setting correct.