In Kicad Version 6 not able to use the plugin


please help me to solved this error.

I’m sorry @Vishal_Kalwani, but you will probably have to be patient and wait 'till 6.0.0 exists before plug-in authors are able to develop their plug-ins.

I doubt any would be willing to spend time at the moment because 6.0 RC is changing on a daily basis so any work done by them may be useless by tomorrow.

No, the API should be stabilized by now. I’m not sure how much there might be “bugs” in the API or how much things can be added, but Release Candidate phase means that internal changes leading to API changes are limited to minimum.

You still didn’t give a link to the plugin you use. Please give a direct link which we can follow, not only a file name. Maybe I (or someone else) can take a look and even fix it if it’s public and benefits others, too.

Hello I have share the link.


Please look in to it.

It looks like nothing has been done for half a year on this.

zephray update to partially work with kicad 5.99 nightly
on May 5
Git stats

This is the case. It’s also true that if plugin developers wait until the final release to try to make their plugins compatible with V6, and they find a problem with the API, we won’t be able to fix it until the next release…

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