In Kicad 6.0.5. Does "Component Type" in "Footprint Properties -> Fabrication Attributes" affect layout design or actual manufacturing?

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I just started designing with kicad6 and I would like to ask, in Kicad 6.0.5. Does “Component Type” in “Footprint Properties → Fabrication Attributes” affect layout design or actual manufacturing?
Because after I imported the model downloaded from “Ultra Librarian”, the default “Component Type” for one SMD component showed as “Through Hole”. Should I change it to SMD?

Also, if a component has properties for both through-hole and SMD, should I set the component type to through-hole?

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I would definetely change it to smd.

Smd components appear in the pick and place file for automated aasembly while tht don’t.
So the decision to set the property to smd or tht depends on whether it is going to be mounted with a pick and place machine or not.
For manual mounting it doesn’t matter.


Thank you for taking the time.

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