In a multi-part symbol, how do you make one of the symbols different?

I have a question and I can’t find the answer.

We have an 8 fold Rj45 connector block. The thing has 8x8 pads and there are 6 extra mounting pads needed. I also use hierarchial sheets. All of the 8 sheets have their Rj45 symbol.

I made a ninth symbol, number I. and it contains 1 visable pin alongside 5 hidden pins. (stacked). They are al to be soldered to ground.

I know it is possible, but how can I let the ninth look different than the other 8? If I change one of the units, they all change.

Now I have this dummy Rj45 just for the GND connection. This looks plain silly.

I am looking every setting I can find.

I found some checkbox named private. It turns red things blue but I have no clue what that does?

What is the magic setting I am searching for?

If there are items (e.g. the symbol outlines) that shall be visible on all units, you can check “Common to all units” in the item’s properties (select e.g. a line and press “e”). Every element that is only common to some, but not to all units needs to be drawn independently in every unit it shall be visible.

So: if your ninth unit shall not share any elements with all other units, you have to copy everything between the first eight units and aditionally draw the ninth unit. Otherwise you can make all graphic items common.

Unfortunatly, there is no “make common to some units” or “use an exiting symbol from the library” only for one symbol unit in KiCad by now.

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