Improving symbols in opto.lib

I happened to be browsing through opto.lib, and noticed that HCPL2730 doesn’t seem to be much like the datasheet.

Oh my bad… there are two units. Doh!

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For future reference: If it would have been a mistake in the lib there are two options.

The preferred way is to fork the corresponding repo, correct the symbol (or footprint). And commit a pull request. It might happen that the library maintainers ask you to correct KLC violations as well.

Second option: create an issue in the corresponding repo. Document what’s wrong and what symbols (or footprints) are effected. This would be the preferred way if the effected elements are script generated and you are not able to change the scripts. (either because you lack the skills or the script that is available is not the correct version.)

You can of course warn users here as well. If you made an issue you can link it here and hope you find a volunteer who is able to fix it.

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The first step was to check I was not making a goof… turns out I was.

It’s “KiCad Sunday” so I’ve been fixing up some issues in the opto.lib. Over a few hours, I’ve reduced the number of KLC warnings by half. At least I helped with, it turns out writing KiCad scripts is a good way to learn Python. :slight_smile:

I am sure there was a script somewhere which could generate a pdf of all footprints in a library, does anyone have a link to it? I would like to create one for component symbols as well.


I think this thread might have what you are searching for:

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Thanks, I think that was the one :slight_smile: