Impossible to open the project, created on other PC

Yesterday I had copied the file with the project to USB card on my job PC, and now I can’t to open it on my home PC.
If i had open it from the kikad MAIN window, it’s even didn’t seems the nor project, nor any files.
But if i try to open it directly from the file manager, it seems, but without apprppriate icons symbols. And
I had error message that there are error in line 249, expected =.
and i had found, that no icons symbol are connected with the file names for this project.
(of coarse, the other files in other programs are interchangeable -as AtmelStudio, or AD Inventor, or any other.)
Just I don’t find yet, how to attach the project to this forum, but later i would it , after some research.

What is the version of KiCad on both machines?

The memory stick have some .kicad_sym, .kicad_pro and .kicad_sch files extensions and by last image you are trying to use v5.1.8 (last stable) on your home-PC. But happens that those are the new extension files planned to v6.

Appear that the files were originally created on a Nightly version.

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i’m not sure about original machine version, but the home version is on the screenshot 5.1.8-1, i just reinstall it, in hope that my home version is too old, and this is the reason. But the new version same didn’t open the project.

In which file of the project there keep version information? I had saw in .kikad_pro but didn’t find it.

.pro = 5.1 branch and older (latest version is 5.1.8 as of now)
.kicad_pro = development branch versioned as 5.99 which will become v6 eventually

The projects are not compatible and you can’t switch back and forth. Only 5.99 versions are capable to open old files and convert it. But you can’t convert it back.

If you are not ready to see some instabilities and time losses, you should stay away from the development version and continue to use 5.1.8.

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