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Hello, I have a file generated under Proteus (*.pdsprj) that I would like to import to Kicad. Is there any such functionality? I do not have a version of Proteus to be able to export it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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I unfortunately can’t help you, I’m unfamiliar with Proteus. But I want to make sure your expectations are set properly. It is a long-standing issue in the EDA world of vendor lock-in. That means that is very difficult to convert files from one EDA package to another. For one-offs it is often more time efficient to manually capture the schematic and design your own PCB using hard-copy or PDF printouts of the source design. If you are able to find an existing tool to convert from Proteus to KiCad, consider yourself lucky. Since you don’t have Proteus, maybe instead of trying to find a converter, try to find someone who uses Proteus to take your file and generate hard copies or PDF files for you to use.

Does your Proteus project come with Gerber files, or a .pdf?

KiCad’s gerber viewer GerbView can get you to around 80% of automated conversion from Gerbers back to a KiCad PCB. Information such as Footprints for IC’s is not embedded in Gerber files, but KiCad has libraries for a lot of IC packages, and you can place those Footprints directly on top of the track ends.

There is a chance that you may find something useful if you search internet, or better, directly on sites like github and gitlab. Someone else may have had the same problem and made some program or script for a (partial?) conversion.

If you have a .pdf or a printout on paper, you at least have the information that is needed to input a schematic. You can combine this with the reverse engineered Gerbers to check for mismatches between the newly created schematic and PCB. This is not an automated process, but it does help.

There is also a side project around KiCad (there are 20+ of them) that is designed to extract schematic symbol information directly from tables in .pdf datasheets. This may be useful if you can work from a schematic in .pdf format.

I don’t have Proteus. Is it an option for you to ask around if anyone wants to make .pdf and gerbers of your project if you do not have them? That should be 10 minutes or so of work.

If you can find a way to do a Proteus to Eagle conversion ten that is probably the closest to a full conversion into KiCad you can get.

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