Importing .pcblib and .schlib (footprints and symbols) from Altium

[This isn’t exactly necessarily about a plugin, but hopefully this is the correct group…]

A client sent me a .pcblib (Altium footprint) and a .schlib (Altium symbol) for one of their chips. I’d like to import these into KiCad. And though I’ve seen tools for importing Altium PCB files and Altium schematics, I haven’t found a way to import the library files.

(I suppose if I had an Altium license, I could create a project and import the results, but I don’t.)

Any suggestions?

Maybe you can import them to the free version (CircuitMaker 2.2)?

I’ve now downloaded CircuitMaker 2.2 and spent the last half hour trying to figure out how to import the .schlib and .pcblib files. And now I’ve posted my query on the CircuitMaker forum – hopefully someone there will be able to answer.

This is rapidly degenerating into Yak Shaving! :slight_smile:

And then to find a Yak! There are not so many around, at least not in Vienna/Austria.

Keep me posted about the solution, if you would.

Perhaps you could instantiate that symbol into .schdoc, forward-annotate to .pcbdoc and then import those into KiCad?

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