Importing issues in kicad7.0

my half schematic design was designed by altium tool.and i convert in to kicad 7.0.there i am facing power symbols,and ground are not properly coming (am using several grounds but its taking only two grounds).how to sove this

fix the diagram manually or complete the project in Altium

Using multiple GND’s is mostly deprecated for 30 years or so, but it is also has a stubborn persistence. Manuals that suggest it have not kept up with it’s deprecation, and it sort of “feels right” and logical. But there are valid reasons for using multiple grounds, but those are mostly limited to situations that need true galvanic isolation.

Also, a direct import results in a working schematic, but after import I usually replace (most of) the schematic symbols with native KiCad symbols. (KiCad has easy built-in functions tho replace a whole group of symbols with another with just a few mouse clicks). And during cleanup of the import things like shorted GND connections usually sort themselves out quickly. Maybe different GND symbols were mapped to the same name, or there is a label somewhere that causes nets to merge to each other.

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