Importing Eagle Files?

In the KiCad blog, I saw this:

The KiCad project is proud to announce the support for importing Eagle projects.

I see no “Import” tool in the launcher (KiCad 4.0.7).

I just need the schematic that a friend sent me in Eagle format- how do I do this?

The eagle import only exists in the nightly build version.

Since there are major incompatible changes in nightly builds, I would be very cautious with using them. As an alternative, you could use one of several Eagle to KiCad converters.

If you just need to view an Eagle design rather than modify it, I use the free Eagle version for that.

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Thanks, Bob & Rene.
It’s a pretty simple circuit, so just getting a view/print of it is all I need. The board as designed now uses SMD, but at my age, I prefer through-hole components, which is why I want to redesign it for my use.

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