Importing dxf file into KiCad


I am currently having a problem with importing a dxf file in KiCad: it somehow says that the file does not include any graphics. I tried to import it through “import” and with “footprint editor”, but it did not work. In the uploaded screenshot you can see the error and the outline that i am trying to import. Any tips?

There are different versions of the dxf format.
If you have an option to choose, then exporting in older versions give a higher probability of working.

I don’t work much with dxf. I think I once opened a .dxf in LibreCAD, saved it, then opened it in another program.

Most times I use dxf it’s with one of the open source programs. KiCad, Libre cad, FreeCAD, and those tend to read it’s others file formats better then from autodesk. I am convinced that autodesk either does not care about their “Drawing eXchange Format”, or they also want to make money from it in some kind of way. If they were interested in the openness of this format, they would have publicly released some library in source code format to read and write this file format.