Importing .brd from Fusion 360

Hello guys,

when I try to import a .brd from Fusion 360 the polygons I create get not imported. I tried it with tStop and tNames layers. Polygons on different layers from components get imported.
I took the .brd and made it a .xml to inspect the code. In the code under “plain” my polygons appear, but are still not imported into KiCad.
Why is that and is there any way to fix this? I use version 6.0.4.

Thanks in advance

I don’t know much, but have you tried importing into the ‘edges’ layer instead? But more importantly, what are you trying to accomplish? A funky board design? Interesting artwork to go on the Silkscreen layer?

Can you maybe post your .brd. file so others could see what’s going on? Also, for edgecuts, make sure you have a completely closed polygon, you can’t make a U shape, you need an O shape, where the last point of the polygon ends on the first point of the polygon.

Hey l8gravely,

there are no special shapes, simple polygons/rectangles.
Very complex shapes which are a part of a component are imported without any problems. Free drawn polygons/rectangles are not imported at all.
I edited the code, that a free drawn polygon was part of a component, and imported the file again. After that, the polygon was imported without any problems. Therefore, I assume that polygons and rectangles in the “plain” area are simply not imported.
It would be great if someone that has insights into the specific code files could take a look about this.

Please create an issue in the KiCad tracker (with a file to show the issue). It’s totally possible that the required code does not exist right now in the Eagle importer.

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