IMPORTING BOM from external Database

As the title shouts out, I’m wondering if there is any plugin that would help me import a BOM from an external database.

It’s a MySQL database that I use for diagnosing and tracking issues with SMPS, Power Supply and various electronics. It would be super convenient if I could simply import the BOM from those databases directly into KiaCAD.

The Fields in the database are…

But I think the only fields really relevant are ComponentID, Type and Value.
I have no idea how all the other necessary info could be picked up so that it could be imported.
Thanks for any pointers.

Must be a morning for humor… I say that for two reasons:

  1. A BOM is a representation of items (Materials) used, for example, to build something. Thus, it’s an Output/Result.

AFAIK, Kicad doesn’t use BOM’s for anything and wouldn’t know what the materials are for unless that’s defined in the file or, could read mind’s

I imagine you’re skilled enough to build a Python/other plugin/code to read the Database (not a problem to do) but, what are you going to do with the data?

Do you hope to build a Schematic or PCB from it?

  1. No offense intended: your username reminds me of an old tune I played in the 1960’s - check this out
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Add your private “DatabaseID” to all items in your project (create a custom field to hold this value). Then when you export BOM containing your DatabaseIDs you can query your DB for the remaining information at the BOM level.
BTW I highly recommend KiBom plugin for managing your BOM output.

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