Importing and editing drill file

Hi all! I got some gerber files that I managed to import into the gerbview and export to pcbnew. I also have what I understand to be Excellon drill file that defines 5 different drills but doesn’t provide the drill sizes. However, I don’t manage to import this file into the pcbnew and I’m not sure if that’s necessary.

My question is, how can I define drill sizes? (I know the drill sizes for each of the tools defined in the drill file)

Drill sizes are defined in the FOOTPRINT. Im not sure what you have in pcbnew. Do you have a schematic in kicad?

What are you trying to do?

Usually you will have drill definitions in Excellon file:

T1C0.700 // Tool 1 (0.7 mm)
T2C0.800 // Tool 2 (0.8 mm)


Ok, this helped a lot. I did not know that the drill definitions are within the Excellon file. I’m a beginner hobbyist messing with things so it’s pure ignorance on my side :slight_smile:

Knowing that the drills are defined within the Excellon made me look up the format definition and I added them in the file manually so now it’s all set.

Thanks for the help! Cheers!

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If your holes are from THT components then I would use the Gerber back import as a guide, and not as an end product. I believe it makes SMD pads out of almost any pad because there simply is no info about IC’s in the gerber files.
If you first delete those pads, then take some valid footprints from the KiCad Libraries you can easily snap the center of one of the footprint pins to the end of one of the tracks.

With via’s it’s a bit of a different story. Last time I tried there was nothing for this. so you have to add the via’s yourself.

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